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Team Building

Before you decide which package below best fits your needs, it’s important for you to know how we support our clients.

We are partnered with the INSPIRED ACTION NETWORK, a leadership development consulting company with over a decade of experience supporting corporate teams, federal government agencies, and entrepreneurs to produce breakthrough results.

or call 888-324-9878 and
ask for Brennan to discuss options

There are three ways teams love to use ESCAPE for their team-building and leadership development needs.

1 – Come and play, just like a group of friends would! (this option is available during normal business hours, for $25 per person, using our normal reservation system)

2 – Come for a private, 2-hour team-building experience (1 hour of escape room, and one 1 hour use of our conference room, for $35 per person, using this link or the BOOK NOW button on this page)

3 – Take advantage of our professional leadership development consulting packages, and book a half-day or full-day experience custom-designed for your team (keep reading to see what your investment includes)

Our ½-day and 1-day experiences reliably produce:

  • Increased team member responsibility and accountability
  • Enhanced levels of engagement and morale
  • Reductions in overwhelm, stress, and burn-out
  • Strong team member relationships and communication
  • More fun than you can fit in a hotel conference room

Your package investment includes:

  • IN ADVANCE: consultation call to identify needs or concerns* (up to 60 minute call, with up to 4 leaders on the call)
  • DAY OF: pre-escape room exercise(s) and discussion(s) to establish context (big picture) for the day, as well as drive strategy (daily actions) for improved performance
  • DAY OF: using the escape room experience to see how well you can implement the strategies in real time
  • DAY OF: de-brief and additional exercise(s) to integrate learning and enable new actions
  • AFTERWARD: 30-minute completion call after workshop to ensure satisfaction (up to 4 leaders on the call)
Inspired Action Network

or call 888-324-9878 and
ask for Brennan to discuss options


* Our sweet spots in addressing clients’ concerns powerfully have been in areas such as:


** Escape Rooms are ridiculously fun — and playfulness and fun have their own benefit for teams — but why not play while having a powerful professional development day that can truly up-level your team performance?  Brennan and the Inspired Action Network are excited to support you. Give them a call at 888-324-9878 to get your questions answered and get started.