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Underwater Adventure

Fun for adults, great for kids (aged 8 – 88)!

Our years of puzzling have taught us that adults and children have different gifts, and they work great together! For so long, the escape room phenomenon has left out the valuable contribution that elementary and middle school students can bring to a sleuthing team, but no longer. Families of all sizes and ages are loving Underwater Adventure . . . and if the success rate of this room is any indicator, they’re being challenged too!

SCUBA-dive into a world of ancient artifacts, sea creatures, sunken treasure, and mystery to discover that what brought you here isn’t what you thought. Teamwork with your fellow divers to decide which route to take, as the story unfolds and you see new possibilities coming to light! The ghosts of ancient Atlantis might be watching . . . so choose wisely.

Number of Players: 2 – 8 people
Recommended Age Range: 8-99
Success Rate: 58.5%
Price: $25 per person (we don’t add taxes or booking fees on top)
10% discount for Students, Teachers, Active Duty or Retired Veterans, 1st Responders, and Seniors

  • Katie

    We had a blast with our 5-year-old son in Underwater Adventure! The puzzles were challenging for the adults, and there were plenty of things to discover and play with to keep the little one excited and entertained. Definitely the only escape room I’ve experienced that works for adults AND kids!

  • Chloe childress

    It was a marvelous design filled with stupendous puzzles and extravagant artifacts. I thoroughly enjoyed every supercalifragilisticexpealidocious moment of it!

  • Ashley Riley and Bailey Bowman

    Me and my fiance and his friend had a Blast !!! The puzzles were fun and also challenging 🙂 Definitely will be coming back in the near future to try the other 2 rooms. Loved it !

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