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Got questions about how to play? Check out these Q&As we put together for you.

General FAQ    Kids’ FAQ    ESC-to-GO FAQ

What exactly is an ESCAPE room?
What is ESCAPE-to-GO?
How do I reserve an ESCAPE room or ESCAPE-to-GO box?
Who can play an ESCAPE room?
Should I do this on a first date?
Where is ESCAPE Newport News Located?
Who is in the room with us?
What happens if we’re late for our reservation?
How much does an ESCAPE experience cost?
How long does the ESCAPE experience last?
How do I pay?
What is the cancellation policy?
I’m bringing my friends from work. Do we need to sign up through the corporate team reservation page?
Do y’all host birthday parties?
Locked in? Like, for REAL locked in? For 60 minutes?!
Can I bring my kid(s)?
I heard you have escape rooms for grade school and middle school kids . . . how does that work?
What should I wear?
What tips do you have for increasing my chances of actually escaping during the 60-minute time frame?
What happens if we can’t solve a puzzle?
How hard are your escape rooms compared to other places?
Are your rooms handicapped accessible?
What is your alcohol policy?

What is your weapons policy?


General FAQ    Kids’ FAQ    ESC-to-GO FAQ

General Policy for Children:
Children 6 and under are free of charge.
From age 7 up through college, the 10% student discount applies.

What about bringing kids into the non-kid-friendly rooms?
What about on Kids' Night Out / Parents' Night Off?
What about in the kid-friendly escape room?
What about during private parties and birthdays?

General FAQ    Kids’ FAQ    ESC-to-GO FAQ

What is an ESCAPE-to-GO?
How many people can enjoy the ESCAPE-to-GO at one time?
Do you rent these during the week?
How far do you deliver?
Can I get two identical themed cases, and do a competition?
Can my children participate in solving the ESCAPE-to-GO™?
Should I tip my delivery driver?
Do I need anything (particular items, or a particular amount of space) at my office or home to make this work?
How long is the average solve time on an ESCAPE-to-GO?
What's this $100 deposit about?

For any additional comments, questions or concerns, please contact us at
(757) 657 – 8400