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ESCAPE-to-GO is a 24-hour rental of an escape room that happens wherever you are!

Adventure. Intrigue. ESCAPE . . . delivered.


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Between noon and 2pm on your reservation date we deliver a mysterious suitcase to you, with a pouch on the outside.
Open the pouch to discover your first clue (which gets you into the locked suitcase) as well as your storyline, instructions, and hint book.
Open the suitcase . . . and enter the world of your adventure.




“Detective Mills, Episode 1: The Arch-Nemesis”

  • Rated: T for implied criminal behavior and complex puzzles. Requires internet connection.
  • A mysterious criminal mastermind has taunted, teased, and terrorized Detective David Mills for years. Now he’s reaching out to your team of private detectives for help. If you don’t act quickly, your city is at risk of chaos. Use everything Mills has given you to stop this arch-nemesis from executing his devious plan, or else you too might be drawn into the madness.
  • Timing: entertains 4-6 people for 45-60 minutes

“The Disgruntled Roommate, CNU edition”

  • Rated 12+ for mild bathroom humor and challenging puzzles.
  • The dorms are closing soon, and you have to be out.  This is not the time for your roommate to make the passive-aggressive, pain-in-the-butt decision to hide your keys and cell phone in a locked suitcase. There is no way you’re letting that jerk have the last laugh. Recruit your friends to figure out the puzzles, an find your phone and keys. Otherwise, you’ll be stranded on campus…and homeless.
  • Timing: entertains 6-8 people for 60-70 minutes



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