We are now OPEN

Newport News… ESCAPE!

Whether you’re a corporate team, a birthday party, a family, or a group of friends looking for fun — ESCAPE Newport News!  This is a family-friendly group experience that brings new puzzle concepts, new escape designs, and new age levels to the Escape Room buzz that’s sweeping the nation.

Book a room with at least 2 people, and it’s yours for 60 adrenaline-pumping, mind-boggling minutes of adventure to solve the mystery and escape the room . . . or bring the whole office (up to 14 people now . . . soon to be 30) and enjoy some leadership development team-building or just blow off steam!

Originally a popular video game app, Escape rooms became a live-action phenomenon first in Europe and then in major US cities over a year ago.  Now this intellectually stimulating, totally engaging, and ridiculously fun entertainment option has come to Newport News!

Can you find your ESCAPE?